Panagiota Bakouti
Visual Artist

1979 Born in Chalkis, where lives and works.

2003 - 2004: Pedagogics - Education of art.Academy of Fine Arts, Athens
2002 : Diploma of painting. Academy of Fine Arts Rome-‘ Academia di Belle Arti di Roma’Laboratory of painting: prof. Nunzio Solendo.
1997 : Academy of Fine Arts of Catania.Laboratory of painting prof. Antonio Bruno.
1994 - 1997: Drawing - painting. Eubean Centre of Arts. Chalkis.
1997 : General High School of Chalkis.

2009: “New Technologies Iron 2” Ministry of Education. Chalkis.
2002: “Therapeutic arts”. University “Tor Vergata” of Rome.

2010 2nd International Meeting of Painters and Sculptors. "Mediterranean 2010", Gallery Kula Solta. CROATIA
2009: 1st International Art & Science Festival -University of Patras, by Zervas Art,
artistic direction: Panagiotis M.Zervas.GREECE
2007: 1st Laboratory of Art in the nature, Land Art, river Kireas, Prokopi of Evia.
Eubean Centre of Arts. Curator: Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti. GREECE
2006: 3rd International Symposium of painting. Zervas Art Gallery, UNESCO,
UNRIC, Ministry of Culture. Artistic direction: Takis Zervas. Patras.GREECE

2010 Split 2nd International Biennal of Painters and Sculptors
"MEDITERRANEAN 2010", Milesi Palace ,Gallery Kula . CROATIA
2010 Vancouver. 4th Biennial MAILMANIA 4 Slide Room Gallery, Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, BC, CANADA.
2009 Rome.Anteprima itinerant exhibition Art Ambient, Festival MotechEco Pallazo deiCongressi Roma EUR.Artistic curator:Ania Swoboda.ITALY.
2009 Macerata: “The woman of the 3rd millennium”. International exhibition Italian Feminine-Center CIF. Curator: Prof. Silvio Craia, Prof. Carlo Iacomucci.Presentation:
Anna Boschi. ITALY.
2008 Syros: “Departure in Aegean”. Ermoupolia 2008. Municipality of Ermoupolis Syros.Eubean Centre of Arts.Curator :Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti. GREECE.
2007 Pesaro: “Souls” International exhibition XS, Association Opera X. ITALY.
2007 Chalcis: “A paper and a pencil” Eubean Centre of Arts, Harbour Fund of Chalkis.
Curator:Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti. GREECE.
2007 Psachna: “Say it with works” exhibition of photograph - Land Art, Eubean Centre
of Art.Municipality of Messapia. Curator:Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti. GREECE.
2007 Thessalonica: “Lets talk about immigration”, International exhibition. Casa Bianca,Municipality of Thessalonica. UNESCO, UNRIC. Zervas Art Gallery.
Curator: Thalia Maria Alexaki. GREECE.
2006 Patras:“The error that we did not dare”. International exhibition. Zervas Art Gallery,UNESCO, UNRIC. Veso Mare. Municipality of Patras. Artistic direction:
Takis Zervas. GREECE.
2003 Serres: “Healthy mind in healthy body” Municipality of Serres. Art direction:
Afrodite Karamanlis. GREECE.
2003 Mytilini: Commercial Chamber of Lesvos. Municipality of Mitilini. Art direction
Afrodite Karamanlis. GREECE.
2002 Skyros: “Contemporary Visual Creation”. Festival Skyros.Group of Art '90,
Eubean Centre of Arts, Museum Faltaits, Prefectoral Self-government
of Evia, Municipality Skyros. Curator: Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti. GREECE.
2001 Thessalonica: “Healthy mind in healthy body” Cultural centre of Municipality
of Stavroupolis, Thessalonica. Curator: Afrodite Karamanlis. GREECE.
2001 Lamia: Cultural Centre of Lamia, Curator: Afrodite Karamanlis. GREECE.
2000 Rome: “Landscapes of Testaccio”. Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. Ministry
of Culture. ITALY
2000 Chalkis: “Immortal water”. Days of Cultural Heritage 2000. Ministry of Culture Greece. Archaeological Museum Chalkis.Group of Art `90. Eubean Centre of Arts. Municipality of Chalkis. Public Library Chalkis. Curator: Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti. GREECE

2008 Mykonos: “Pas de deux”with Nikos Rachoutis. Municipal Art gallery of Mykonos. Eubean Centre of Art Curator: Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti. GREECE.

Gallery Kula .Split Croatia
Vancouver Island School of Art, Victoria, BC, Canada
Municipal Art gallery “IRIS”. Stavroupolis.
Municipal Art gallery Ermoupolis. Syros.
Italian Feminine Centre CIF.Macerata Italy.
Cultural association Opera X. Pesaro, Ιtaly.
Zervas Art Gallery, Patras Greece

Honorary plaque of representation. 3rd International Symposium of painting. Patras.
Certificate of participation in the 1st International Art & Science Festival. Patras,Greece

2006 - 09 Professor of painting in the Eubean Centre of Arts. Chalkis.
2007 - 08 Presentation of painting seminar in relationship with the Artistic education for adults .Prefecture of Evia, NELE.

Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece
International Union of Artists NAUTE. Greece - France
Art Evia Cultural Association Greece

"Mediterranean 2010" 2nd International Biennal of Painters and Sculptors. Split 2010
“The woman of 3rd millennium”. Italian Feminine Centre CIF. Macerata 2009.
“Pas de deux”. Catalogue. Eubean Centre of Arts. Chalkis 2008.
“Souls”. Catalogue online. Opera X. Pesaro 2007.
“A paper and a pencil”. Catalogue. Eubean Centre of Arts. Chalkis 2007.
“Say with works”. Catalogue. Municipality Messapia. 2007.
“Lets talk about immigration”. Catalogue. Municipality Thessalonica 2007.
“Healthy mind in healthy body”. Calendar Municipality Stavroupolis 2003.
“Contemporary Visual Creation”. Catalogue. Prefecture Evia 2002.
“Immortal water”. Catalogue. Archaeological Museum Chalkis 2000.
Comments and photographs of work have been published in newspapers and art magazins.